Sloping Block Home Designs


Sloping block home designs have a reputation for being difficult and expensive for the construction of a house. However with the correct approach, a sloping block can offer opportunities that a level site cannot. It is important that sloping site house designs be specifically developed for the slope of the land rather than trying to impose a building design that is better suited to a flat site. Here with Peter Downes, you will experience first-class architectural guidance and he will explain all the designs with the utmost detail for you to truly discover what it means to live in a sloping block home. Passionate is an understatement when you deal with Peter Downes and his ability to produce immaculate sloping block home designs that are functional yet so elegant!


Like any project, Peter and the design team will take the time to study and maintain sympathy with your surrounding environment from its solar orientation, the views, the slope and the elements. Using durable materials that tolerate the harshness of the coastal environment is prudent in the design of your new coastal home. We go above and beyond to ensure that you are getting the most immaculate and sophisticated steep house one can possibly build. With over 25 years experience in designing and building a wide array of homes, Peter and the team understand the additional consideration required pertaining to the use of materials that are not prone to rusting and corrosion, hence why we are your leading solution when it comes to sloping block builders Sydney.

Using the latest software Peter will electronically print and model your project in 3D allowing him to generate fly-thru’s, walk-arounds and perspective imagery which not only assists in the communication of the design but also allows you greater involvement and peace of mind through the process. Professionalism is what Peter excels and will design you the utmost respectful and elegant sloping block home. For more insight on his projects and designs, feel free to contact him, today!


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