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Sydney Project Addresses

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Stunning Views

Sustainable Development

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Welcome to my website. I specialise in difficult sites with spectacular views, anywhere in Australia.

Inspired by a life – long love affair with the Australian landscape, and a passion for architecture, I design people’s dream homes.

With decades of experience in architecture and engineering, no site presents too much of a challenge, so let me create an innovative masterpiece for you & your loved ones.

I am a winner of 58 AWARDS, and I would love to win another one with your project. Ready to go? Let’s Get Started!

Mission statement

Every site is different, and so are its’ owners, so every project on my website is unique. Our aim is to find that one perfect design that maximises the good characteristics of the site and minimises the bad. And we love happy clients !

Some client’s comments

Peter continuously surprises me with his lateral thinking and futuristic design ideas

You are a legend and the design is really fantastic

Outstanding result, what a brain!

After two architects submitted very disappointing and predicable options, we struck gold with Peter

Peter’s design is not only unique but our house has a WOW factor

We are delighted with our result and would have no hesitation in recommending him, particularly where elements of ‘spice’ and excitement are needed

A brilliant performance

You came up with a unique design that was exactly what we wanted

Thanks Peter. We absolutely love the design

We are completely delighted with the amazing design that you have come up with