Downward Sloping Block House Designs


Reap the benefits of liaising and dealing with the finest architect in Australia when it comes to designing upward or downward sloping block house designs. With plentiful years of knowledge and experience, Peter Downes has erected many downward and upward homes that are functional and elegant. Here with Peter Downes, you will experience first-class architectural guidance and he will explain all the designs with the utmost detail for you to truly discover what it means to live in a sloping block home. Passionate is an understatement when you deal with Peter Downes and his ability to produce immaculate upward sloping block home designs that are functional yet so elegant!



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  • Amazing downward sloping block house designs
  • Affordable, cost efficient designs and plans.
  • Acquired over 50 awards and distinctions in the industry.
  • Phenomenal upward sloping block house designs
  • Exceptional insight for perplex builds and orientations.
  • A 100% satisfaction guarantee with all products.
  • Available in digital forms and meetings through online platforms.


However, it is important to note that building on a steep block in any direction can present unique engineering and design challenges. For this reason, there are a number of things you should take into account if you’re thinking of building on a sloping block. From specialty home designs to costs, contracts and approvals, it may seem like there’s endless things to consider. But Peter Downes will work alongside with you to ensure the final result is impeccable. When you hear the phrase “upward sloping block house designs” or even “downward sloping block house designs” your mind should pinpoint to Peter Downes – call him today!


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